Price Guide

Table posies from £40.00
Large table posies from £60.00

60 cm Tall lily vases from £75.00
Gold fish bowls of flowers from £35.00

Low table vases with flowers from £60.00
Giant martini vases (70cm tall) from £150.00

Top table arrangement from £85.00
Large statement arrangements from £275.00

3-Foot-tall table candelabra with flowers from £125.00
Urn arrangements from £150.00

Large urn arrangements from £200.00
6-Foot-tall free standing candelabra arrangements from £150.00

Large vase arrangements from £125.00
Tea light candles in glass holders £1.25

Stage flowers from £350 per metre
Trough arrangements from £200 per metre

Prices include set-up and vase hire, any missing or damaged will be charged for.

Flowers are subject to availability, prices may increase at peak periods, e.g. Valentines Day, Mothers Day etc.