Pricing for Weddings & Events

When choosing flowers for your event or wedding, many people often don’t realise that different flowers and styles may vary hugely in price, so it’s almost impossible to give an ‘average’ price or quote.

We like to do things a little differently-

Instead of you contacting us for a quote, we love it if you contact us with a budget and a general idea of what you’d like.

We then work out what we can do for you within that budget, to give you the very best value for your money, plus we might be able to suggest some other cost cutting ideas.

This way of working ensures that you receive a totally unique and personalised flower quote based on what you can afford and want to spend.

We’ll then work with you to tweak and finalise your order until you are 100% happy.

Contact Nikki on 01273 301813 for a consultation- no pressure and no obligation.

Pricing for Weddings & Events