Rose Petals

These are naturally preserved and fully biodegradable, soft and delicate to the touch, and very long lasting.

Petals are sold in clear acetate boxes measuring 17.5cm x 16cm x 6cm.

One box will :-

  • Give a light scattering on 3 to 4 six foot diameter round tables.
  • Fill 17 to 20 small cones.
  • Fill 2 to 3 small bridesmaid’s baskets.
  • Cover 2 metres of a church aisle, with a light scattering
  • 1 Box equals 8 handfuls

They are perfect for:-

  • Scattering on tables, around vases or candles or just by themselves.
  • To cover or line aisles and pathways
  • To fill vases.
  • As confetti in cones.
  • As a top table runner.

They won’t wilt or die so you can decorate with them days before your wedding/event.

They are available in the following colours:-

Pastel pink* lilac*peach *yellow*mocha*orange*chocolate*dark blue* light blue* white* champagne* raspberry* black* purple* burgundy*red*

We recommend you order your petals 6 weeks before your wedding date. Store in a dry cool place out of direct sunlight. Preserved petals may, like fresh shed some of their colour, do not expose to water.


1 Box £24.95 plus p&p
5 or more boxes £23 per box plus p&p

Download a Recipe for crystallised rose petals